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    Are you a Coffee Being? (TM)

    About Us

    Dedicated to Quality

    We are a small business start up, providing quality small batch roasting. We roast up to 25 pounds at a time this keeps the coffee from getting burnt. We like to call it Double Brown(TM), medium to City Roast.

    Why fresh roasted coffee?

    Fresh roasted on demand is the best.

    Whether you're a one cup and wake up, or an all day coffee drinker you need to drink fresh roasted coffee. It's like experiencing coffee again for the first time with a full body coffee bean that has flavor and aroma that you deserve.

    Coffee is more than just a drink to us!

    Hot or cold, classic style, flavored or straight black coffee it can wake us up or be a deciding factor in our day. No matter your reason for drinking coffee it is important that it's just right! Tdg coffee is dedicated to making coffee what you should expect it to be, bold delicious; a serious wake-up and something to look forward to daily.


    Email: thecoffeeman813@gmail.com

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