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    What is fresh roasted coffee?

    Fresh roasted means coffee that is no more than 3 days from the cool down period. The cool down. Is anywhere from 24 to 36 hours for the coffee to settle after the roast and begin to develop its flavor aroma and all of the symbolic notes of the individual roast.

    What is that at the top of my cup when I brew fresh roasted coffee, it looks like oil?

    It is oil, it's a natural byproduct of the roasting process the coffee bean expands snaps and when it gets hot enough it begins to smoke off the natural oils and depending on the roaster, and the desired outcome whether it be a light, medium, or dark two expresso roast, you may have little to no coffe oil.

    Why is this coffee so expensive?

    This is a high-quality coffee, and the high-end bag that retains freshness ease-of-use, kitchen tough and is easy on shipping is just right for any customer who wants the best. It's the difference between fast food or going to Red Lobster or the Outback Steakhouse, both are good options and taste delicious but if you want quality you know where to get it!

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    What is a small batch roast?

    Is a style of roasting that roast a small amount of coffee for the purpose of drawing out true notes flavor and roma of the individual coffee. It also is to avoid burning the beans. Small-batch roasting offer the customer a more delicious flavorful coffee then larger companies that depend on high heat roasting an absolute uniformity they have to do a darker roast which robs the coffee of its true coffee notes.

    What is Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu?

    El Conquistador comes from one of the exceptional fincas in the Tarrazu region. You get a premium Tarrazu at a non-premium price because, although exceptional, El Conquistador is not “exceptionally” recognized.

    This is, however, a classic Tarrazu exhibiting the fruity, nutty characteristics that make this region’s coffees famous. Brightness, body, complexity, aroma and good balance are all clearly apparent. You can rest assured this is a coffee that will not disappoint, whether you are just looking for a nice “comfortable” cup of coffee or looking for a coffee to mentally dissect with your friends.

    Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

    • Brightness:6
    • Body:4
    • Aroma:5
    • Complexity:4
    • Balance:5
    • Sweetness:4
    • Spicy: 2
    • Chocolaty:5
    • Nutty:4
    • Buttery:-1
    • Fruity:4
    • Flowery:-
    • Winey:-