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    TDG Bio

    Since 2014 TDG coffee has provided quality medium to City Roast to our customers.

    We started selling coffee in open air markets under a simple tent with a 5 lb roaster.

    Roasting done right!

    Our first attempt at roasting coffee was on the stove, then we graduated to a 5 lb roaster. After a short while local business picked up and we built our own 40 lb roaster by hand, the barrel and all.

    Making the grade.

    There are many different grades of coffee different types of roasts and many regions were it's grown. We have roasted coffee from over 11 different countries and we find that the Costa Rican High Mountain Coffee being wet processed and sun-dried is a more natural process and produces the best flavor aroma and overall smooth coffee.

    More to come soon!

    Do you love trying new coffees? We offer decaf coffee which is Costa Rican High Mountain Coffee. Also as soon as possible we will be offering multiple other coffees and specialized blends bringing you a world of coffees for your taste and wake up enjoyment, and your coffee needs.